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Many people appreciate that treatment with modern dermal fillers can provide the solution to a multitude of cosmetic problems, from enhancing lips to correcting irregularities of the nose. They can smooth out wrinkles, remove hollows under the eyes and correct sagging round the mouth.


A filler that lasts 7 years +

Most people who have dermal filler injections are delighted with the results. The only problem is that most dermal filler treatments don't last very long. This injectable gel takes the form of tiny implants that remain stable so are extremely long- lasting, are non allergenic and do not migrate from the treatment site.


What makes these dermal fillers different

Over 2 million treatments worldwide means that many people have already discovered this technologically advanced range of Swiss-made cosmetic fillers. Now your cosmetic doctor can choose from a range of high tech dermal fillers that offer natural-looking results without lumps and blue lines of older technology, even in very superficial lines and lip correction.