About the Formula

Bio Logica

Bio Logica Formula

Synergistic ingredients

The ingredients in the Bio Logica Hyaluserum formula have been rigorously evaluated according to the most up to date scientific studies of skin ageing.

Skin ageing is characterised by:

  • Dehydration caused by a drop in levels of dermal hyaluronan
  • Thinning and loss of firmness and elasticity, due to deterioration in collagen and elastin fibres
  • Development of lines and wrinkles linked to the slowing of cell renewal.

Three key natural components of the skin matrix have been identified as critical to healthy functionality and a youthful appearance.


  • is the main component of the dermis
  • maintains optimum skin hydration through its ability to retain up to 1,000 times its own volume in moisture
  • provides skin with firmness, tonicity and elasticity by protecting and lubricating the elastin fibres
  • helps effectively fight the effects of ageing through its free-radical neutralising action.

Sodium lactate

  • is a natural product of metabolism, derived from alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), sodium lactate is totally biocompatible and has a neutral pH
  • it’s role in skin function is the stimulation of cell multiplication and renewal, the hallmark of healthy youthful skin
  • part of the cutaneous natural moisturising system, it increases the flexibility of the outer layer of skin and improves the appearance of the complexion.


  • is a key molecule in cellular metabolism
  • protecting against free-radical degradation and improving elasticity
  • works with hyaluronic acid to enhance hydration as well as being an essential moisturiser of the epidermis.