Coming soon. A revolution in lip care and enhancement

Mondeal Aesthetics will soon introduce the first lip care resculpting serum for a mobile/«nomadic» daily care of lips and lip contour in Australia

The lip contour is the first area that can be affected by skin aging and one of the main concerns for women. With age, a significant loss of fat mass occurs, which causes superficial dehydration and a decrease in barrier function. Macroscopically, the lips become finer, vertical wrinkles and shadow areas appear, the nasolabial furrow becomes hollow.

To cater for this specific area of lip care, TEOXANE launches its first RHA® lip’sculpt topical treatment for lips and contours. A concentrate of active ingredients, recognized for giving lips volume, hydration and anti-aging protection, in an ultra-fresh, melt-in serum formula that meets the specific needs of the lip contour.


To add volume RHA lip’sculpt includes low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (LMW HA),  Volunage, a volumizer and Extract of IVY for it’s draining effect.

For its lip care lifting effect RHA resilient hyaluronic acid® is combined with Neodermyl  and to additionally improve firmness and skin elasticity ginseng extract is also included.

Finally Glycerine and Konjac combine for a long-lasting hydrating effect.

The combination of RHA®, with its film forming and deeply moisturizing properties, and redensifying active ingrédients smoothes wrinkles and fine lines to redefine the lip contour.**

Lip Care Results**

After 30 minutes of use the lips and lip contour are more hydrated and there is a reduction in the depth of wrinkles and fine lines.

Confirmed after 28 days of use is significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles and a proven increase in the volume of lips for 8 out of 10 patients.

Of patients that have evaluated*** the use of Teoxane RHA® lip’sculpt 80% find the texture pleasant, 80% feel an immediate fresh effect and 95% find that the product is easy to apply.

Watch this space for the launch of this exciting new development in lip care.

* Data provided by the manufacturers of the raw materials.
** In-vivo test measured and performed on 20 volunteers during 28 days by an independent laboratory.
*** Self-assessment carried out on 20 volunteers during 28 days, by an independent laboratory.