Product Showcase: RHA x VCIP Serum

Teoxane RHA x VCIP Serum

Kick-start your perfect complexion with Teoxane RHA x VCIP Serum.

You can now get firmer, radiant, more even skin in just 28 days with a new star product from Teoxane Cosmeceuticals. It’s called RHA x VCIP Serum and it’s now available in Australia.

Using cutting-edge research, RHA x VCIP Serum brings together TEOXANE’s patented RHA resilient hyaluronic acid technology and VC-IP, an advanced form of Vitamin C acknowledged by dermatologists for its anti-ageing properties*. These core ingredients work together to promote antioxidant activity, a beautiful brightening effect and skin collagen stimulation.

Benefits of Teoxane RHA x VCIP Serum

Teoxane RHA x VCIP Serum is a unique firming treatment that incorporates a wealth of innovative ingredients to address individual skin concerns and signs of ageing.

Recently launched in Australia, Teoxane RHA x VCIP Serum can help you achieve tighter, firmer skin without the need for any incisions or needles.

The unique serum is formulated with the richest concentration of Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) technology, which provides lasting hydration and offers reinforced protection. It helps reactivate the skin’s natural mechanisms by building a barrier to lock in moisture, providing the optimal environment to protect and visibly plump the skin.

The core formula is also made up of a dermo-structuring complex (consisting of 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and Vitamin Bs) in combination with Novhyal, which is a natural constituent of hyaluronic acid that stimulates its synthesis (1). Together, the presence of these exclusive ingredients promotes firmer, more radiant skin.

The breakthrough complex is also enriched with VC-IP, an improved form of Vitamin C recognised for its anti-ageing properties. VC-IP delivers superior efficacy in collagen synthesis and free radicals scavenging compared with other traditional forms of Vitamin C, whilst also promoting superior anti-pigmentation results.

Together with pyruvic acid, which has collagen stimulating and whitening properties (2), this combination of RHA x VCIP ensures visible results on skin firmness, evenness and radiance.


After just 28 days following the application, the skin is firmer, the moisturising barrier of the skin is stronger and the skin appears fresher and visibly brighter.**

When do I use it?

Used as part of your TEOXANE skin regimen, RHA x VCIP Serum can be used morning and evening. Apply a few drops directly onto fresh, cleansed skin and blend the mixture evenly into the face, neck and décolleté.

(1)Ex-vivo tests on the ingredient performed by an independent laboratory.
(2)Enzo Berardesca, MD, Norma Cameli, MD, Grazia Primavera, MD and Manuela Carrera, MD : Clinical and Instrumental Evaluation of Skin Improvement after Treatment with a New 50% Pyruvic Acid Peel.
* In-Vivo test performed by an independent laboratory on 24 volunteers during 28 days.