Product Showcase: TEOXANE RHA® Hydrogel Mask

Looking for the perfect mask for real, noticeable skincare benefits? Get visibly plumper, more luminous and rejuvenated skin in as little as 15 minutes with Teoxane RHA Hydrogel Mask.

What is Teoxane RHA® Hydrogel Mask?

Teoxane RHA® Hydrogel Mask is a sheet mask with a gel texture. It covers both your face and neck for a complete skincare treatment, promoting hydrated, more radiant skin.

The Hydrogel Mask features an innovative and unique blend of Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) and hydrogel, delivering an intensely hydrated, toned and radiant skin from the first application.*

It offers a diffusion of specific active ingredients for a targeted result, while creating a hydrating and filmogenic matrix.**

The Teoxane RHA® Hydrogel Mask has both a soothing and anti-ageing benefit due to the presence of key active ingredients such as Osilift, Aloe Vera and Fucogel, which work synergistically to help keep skin working at its optimum levels.

Ideal for use after cosmetic rejuvenation treatments, or to simply assist in creating a glowing, luminous and more youthful appearance, the Hydrogel Mask can be used alone or in conjunction with aesthetic treatments both in terms of preparation of the skin prior to treatment and as after care to prolong the results.

Real results

In terms of patient satisfaction from the first use*, 100% said that their skin felt more hydrated, while 95% revealed that their complexion seems more radiant. A total of 85% said the mask had a tightening effect on the skin and 81% revealed that their wrinkles and fine lines appeared diminished.

The mask instantly gives a 50% more plump appearance after 15 minutes, hydrating the skin immediately following application.****

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* Self-assessment carried out on 21 volunteers. Results obtained after 15 min of application.
** Hydrogel supplier data.
*** Tests on ingredients performed by independent laboratories.
**** Efficacy test by corneometry measures, carried out on 21 volunteers by an independent laboratory.