Oxygenetix is a new, breakthrough range that includes Oxygenating Foundation, Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation & Oxgenetix Moisturiser  that works like a virtual breathable second skin…

Post surgery & cosmetic procedures

Sensitive skin following cosmetic procedures can put your lifestyle on hold while healing. However, the tell-tale signs of surgery and cosmetic procedures can be lessened and camouflaged by using Oxygenetix gentle, soothing foundation.

Cosmetic Standards, medical results

Oxygenetix foundation is available in 14 shades, split into seven blue based and seven yellow based colour choices. This beauty counter quality makeup not only promotes faster recovery from clinical treatments, it assists in the resolution of problem conditions like acne or rosacea and continues to improve skin quality even after these issues are resolved. Patient satisfaction is guaranteed, or Oxygenetix will replace returned product.

Oxygenetix can be used for:

  • After-care protocol post resurfacing treatments such as laser and peels
  • Burn and other types of scarring
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Melasma
  • Port wine stains and birthmarks
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Sensitive or reactive skin

Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation

Three years in development, Oxygenetix Acne Control is the perfect foundation is also an oxygenating treatment foundation and was developed to simultaneously clear and conceal the frustrating signs of acne. This powerful treatment foundation can be used until the acne has cleared, afterwards switch to the original Oxygenetix foundation or continue with the Acne Control Foundation as needed.

The Results

Applying foundation after pinpoint laser treatment:

Before Oxygenetix Foundation application.
Before Oxygenetix Foundation application.
After applying Oxygenetix Foundation.
After applying Oxygenetix Foundation.

This patient has been treated post laser with Oxygenetix on the right side (facing) of her face directly after treatment.

Before and after 7 days post treatment – with no makeup
Before and after 7 days post treatment – with no makeup

The Awards