BioLogica Hyaluserum®

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Concentrated Anti-Ageing Face Serum

Essential Skin Hydration with HMW Hyaluronic Acid

The Bio Logica Hyaluserum, originating from France is a natural and biologically safe anti-ageing serum that provides the most efficient combination of ingredients for moisturising, firming and treating wrinkles. Bio Logica Hyaluserum has been developed by Innoderm to treat mature skin and for complementary use with aesthetic procedures.

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BioLogica’s active ingredient is one of the most effective hydrator ever discovered in medical science. Biologica uses natures own ingredient to increase the hydration, smoothness and firmness to your skin

Daily application of Biologica provides skin with firmness, tonicity and elasticity by protecting and lubricating the elastin fibres, and promotes the remodelling of most of the different types of dermal collagen.

At the epidermal or base level of the skin it regulates cell activity controlling renewal and for this reason has a vital role at all stages of the scarring and healing process.

Finally, it helps effectively fight the effects of ageing through its free-radical neutralising action. Biologica is an ideal supplement for your skin using a natural biocompatible ingredient hyaluronic acid to restore your skin youthfulness.

Measured Results

Laboratory tests of the results achieved with Hyaluserum record an 87 per cent increase in skin hydration – possibly the highest score achieved by any skincare product. – as well as significant improvements in other areas.

  • Increase in hydration +87%
  • Reduction of total surface wrinkles 53%
  • Increased skin flexibility +49.7%
  • Decrease in depth of wrinkles 39.5%
  • Improvement in skin tonicity +22.5%


  • Use after age 35, when the level of dermal hyaluronan begins to decline
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Loss of firmness
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reactive and very sensitive skins
  • Preparation for cosmetic treatments (laser, peeling, IPL)
  • Healing after therapeutic procedures
  • As a supplement to dermal fillers

The maximum concentration of active ingredients guarantees rapid visible results – from the very first week of use. Lustre, softness and flexibility are restored, facial contours appear firmer and fine lines and wrinkles improved.


  • Cleanse/scrub
  • Active Vitamin C serum
  • Use Biologica in the morning and as required in the afternoon. You may need to use this more frequently in the first few weeks if your skin is dehydrated until you optimized your hydration level. Once the skin has restored its hydrobalance you will only need to use it once or twice a day.
  • Moisturiser/ sunscreen

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