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Some treatments, such as non-surgical rhinoplasty, call for a long-lasting product to achieve stable and durable results. This injectable gel takes the form of tiny implants that remain in place for a long period of time. This treatment can also help enhance facial contours or target particularly deep wrinkles or folds.

The benefits of injectable implants

Injectable implants can be used to redefine facial contours, for example heightening the cheekbones or augmenting the nose bridge. They can also be used to correct the appearance of particularly deep wrinkles or folds. 
For those patients who undergo regular treatment with temporary dermal fillers and are happy with the results, a long-lasting implant can signify an effective option to extend the results.

The injectable implants are formulated using homogenous polyacrylamide hydrogel. The gel is sterile, stable, biologically inactive, and non-allergenic. Once injected, the gel remains soft like human tissue and does not degrade over time. There is no migration or movement following injection, and injectable implants provide a long-lasting stable result.

Treatment areas

Many patients who have used temporary fillers before are often suitable for treatment with long-lasting dermal implants, as there is no need for top-up treatments following injection.

Common treatment sites include:

  • Filling deep wrinkles
  • Lip enhancement
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Glabella (frown) furrows
  • Filling depressions between the chin and jaw to diminish the appearance of sagging jowls

Maintenance treatments

While the results of these treatments last many years, top-up treatments may be required at a later date depending on individual factors such as sun damage, ageing and skin structure.

Using injectable implants with other treatments

Injectable implants can be used in conjunction with other treatments to achieve holistic, universal results. While these injectable implants are effective in boosting volume for the long-term, conjunctive treatments to improve texture and surface wrinkles can add to the result aesthetically.

Anti-wrinkle injections are often used alongside dermal fillers and injectable fillers to smooth the skin’s surface and prevent additional wrinkles forming. In treatment areas such as the glabella lines (frown lines) the filler is usually injected first, and the anti-wrinkle injection is delivered in the two to three days afterwards. This way, if there is a reaction to the product, the cause of the reaction can be easily identified and addressed.

Safety profile

This Danish injectable gel was approved for use in 2001 and is now available in 40 countries. It has been used for more than 400,000 injections and subjected to numerous clinical studies. It’s proven to have long-term predictability and minimal side effects, alongside a high level of patient satisfaction in aesthetic results.

This treatment should not be injected over temporary dermal fillers – ask your cosmetic doctor for details.

Find out more

To find out if this long-lasting treatment could be the solution to your aesthetic concerns, make an appointment with a cosmetic practitioner trained in this treatment. The practitioner can tell you how these injections can work for you and provide detailed information about the product and establish a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Summary: the unique benefits of injectable implants

  • Specialty treatment
  • Less frequent injections
  • Particle-free
  • No allergy testing
  • Neutral pH
  • Biologically inactive

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